Spring has…. teased us but it hasn’t sprung just yet.

Thanks to some outlandishly nice weather last week, I had a chance to get several early crops started here at STAY HQ. Since there is still a chance of overnight freezing, I decided to use containers for these which give me the flexibility of bringing them back inside at any time. While I expect the greens (spinach, arugula, mesclun mix) to do very well, I’ll be curious to see if some of my other crops perform like they would if I’d sown them directly into the ground. I have beets and radishes each in their own deep pot just to see how they work out, as well as kale and broccoli in their own long containers.  Still others have been started with the intention of transplanting seedlings in a couple of weeks (cabbage, various herbs) and a few warmer weather crops (tomatoes, peppers, sunflowers) got started over in the greenhouse at the Variety Club with a little help from my friends. Although running pots up to my third floor if there is a frost warning isn’t ideal, I’m looking forward to seeing what will come of my little containers. Meanwhile, the herb garden is starting to come back and I’ll have the new garden tilled within a couple of weeks- then we can really get cracking!

You dig?