STAY Homesteading offers design, planning & consultation services which focus on helping clients to become more self-sustainable while ultimately striving to become part of a regenerative system that gives back to their communities & the planet.

STAY Homesteading helps people create healthy, vibrant environments which encourage them to not only live life but to thrive because it is only then that we are able to reach our highest potential & make the greatest impact on the world around us.

STAY Homesteading also provides educational programming for both children & adults on a variety of topics related to gardening, farming, living off the land, ecological construction techniques & sustainability in general.

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Our Team

Julia Dougherty

IMG_20160129_152023Julia’s interest in the built environment began at a young age, as evidenced by a multitude of hand-drawn maps, floor plans & architectural sketches which still reside safely at her mom’s house in Bucks County.  She later combined this interest with her love for nature by pursuing a degree in the field of landscape architecture at Temple University. While studying abroad in Rome as a Temple student, Julia fell in love with cooking using the freshest ingredients she could find at the nearby markets. Eventually this new love for cooking started influencing her landscape design work and edible plants began playing a much larger role in her life.  Julia graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science in Landscape Architecture from Temple University in 2010, however, the enthusiasm she felt throughout her senior year left her craving even further education. Julia began the Master’s of Science in Sustainable Design program at Philadelphia University later that year and graduated in 2012 after another stellar study abroad experience focused on agri-tourism and a life-changing internship on an organic farm. Her master’s thesis highlights the intersection of landscape architecture, urban agriculture, micro-economic development and public policy as components of a more sustainable food system by comparing and contrasting existing solutions to urban food deserts. For her full professional resume, you can connect with Julia on LinkedIn.
Julia currently lives in Lancaster, PA with her daughter, Abigail. She spends as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors and prefers to spend her extra money on concert tickets.
Julia believes in quality over quantity and random acts of kindness.

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