STAY Homesteading is actively pursuing opportunities to collaborate on the following types of design projects:

  • Residential Homestead Planning (Single family, Multi-family, Estate farm)
  • Earthship Biotecture (building with recycled/natural materials, Passive Solar design)
  • Community Master Planning (Agrihoods, Tiny Homes, Food Forests)
  • Urban Homesteading (Growing More In Your Small Space, Vertical Gardening)
  • Children’s Educational Kitchen Gardens (for Schools, Camps, Hospitals & Libraries)
  • Healing Garden Design (STAY Homesteading Whole Body Approach to Sustainability)
  • Elevating Your Interior Spaces (Feng Shui, Natural Light & Indoor Planting design)

STAY Homesteading works with clients to creates spaces which encourage them to thrive as they pursue their own goals along the path to self-sustainability.  While growing food is frequently the catalyst for becoming a homesteader and we welcome each new request for residential homestead planning, we also work with clients who prefer to focus on the STAY Homesteading Whole Body Approach to Sustainability.  Nourishing our bodies with healthy foods is an incomplete course of action if we are not also nourishing our minds and spirits.  Our Healing Garden Design projects focus on good mental health as a key component to reaching our highest level of potential and thus becoming intrinsically more sustainable by leading well-balanced life.

Whether you’re looking to break free from the industrialized food system, save money on groceries, develop a tiny home neighborhood with a community garden, or cultivate the healing power of nature so that you can achieve more. . . we would love to work with you.

We are also available for installations and maintenance of your outdoor spaces.